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5421 U.S. 62
Pocahontas, AR, 72455

(870) 892-3807

Sutton Free Will Baptist Church is located in Pocahontas, AR. We welcome everyone!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Church called Sutton?

This part of town used to be known as the Sutton community, named after a family in the area. Although the community no longer goes by the name, we are proud of our heritage and have kept the name. We are proud to have had many members in our church who are part of the Sutton family.

How long has the church been here?

Worshipers at Sutton School House, where the current parsonage is today, organized as New Hope Free Will Baptist Church on August 24, 1867. The name was changed to Sutton Free Will Baptist Church in the early 1940’s. In 1950 the first sanctuary was built, where the basement and the classrooms above it are now. In 1975 the second sanctuary was built, what is now the multipurpose room. In 1996 the Family Life Center was built. In 2009 the sanctuary we use today was built.

What should I wear if I came to visit?

Our only request is that you are dressed modestly. We want you to come as you are without fear of having to dress a certain way. For those hoping to not look out of place, if you looked around on a Sunday morning most people would be dressed business casual. We will also have a few dressed in suits and a few dressed casual. Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings people are typically dressed more casually. You can feel free to wear whatever you are most comfortable in and enjoy worship with us.

What is unique about Free Will Baptists?

Sutton is an autonomous church who gladly chooses to be a part of the National Association of Free Will Baptists. To learn more about Free Will Baptists visit

Do you serve communion?

We have an annual communion and feet washing service on Palm Sunday evening. We would love for you to join us for this blessed celebration and reminder of what Christ has done for us.

Do I have to participate in the financial offering?

Absolutely not. The tithing portion of our service is intended solely for our members who choose to worship through giving.

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Sutton Free Will Baptist Church

5421 Highway 62 West

Pocahontas, AR 72455

(870) 892-3807